How it Works

The New Jersey Mock Election helps students vote in the elections just like their parents will. There are methods for students to vote electronically or by paper ballot. Students will be able to see if their choice of Senator or Representative won.

Their votes will not only be tallied against their classmates, but the entire state! For many it could be their first comprehensive voting experience. Voting has closed for the year and results will be posted by the end of Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Teachers can register to have their students participate in the mock election. There are thousands of schools in New Jersey, and many with the same name, so we included the street addresses to help you pick the right one!
  2. Mock Election voting is typically available in October.
  3. Log in to access the ballot for your students.
  4. If you would like your students to vote electronically, click the Online Voting option.
    • Submit the number of students who will be participating.
    • You will see access codes for each student.
    • Students can go to and use their code to vote online.
    • You can always repeat these steps if you need more codes, or have additional classes.
  5. If you would prefer your students to vote by paper ballot, click on the Offline Voting Option.
    • You can then download a PDF of the ballot to give to your students.
    • After tallying students’, you go back to the Offline Voting option and click the Submit Results button. Note, you will need to submit each grade separately if you have multiple grades.
    • Fill in the blanks with the totals from your students votes.
  6. Voting is currently closed.
  7. The New Jersey Mock Election Results will be published November 6.