How to Register your Class

Follow the steps below to enroll your class to participate and to access the voting ballots for your students. You can find your state legislative district by accessing the New Jersey Legislature website.
  1. Teachers who have not registered in a prior year will need to register for the Teacher Portal to have their students participate in the mock election. If you have registered a prior year you do not need to register again. 
  2. When voting is open, teachers can login to the Teacher Portal to access the ballot for students. Students may submit their ballots until voting closes.
  3. You have two voting options: Online and Offline. If you would like your students to vote electronically, select Online Voting.
    • Submit the number of students who will be participating.
    • You will be provided with Ballot Access Codes for each student which you can print or distribute to your students. You can download codes in a PDF or CSV (Excel friendly) format. Those interested in using a mail merge to send out the codes via email can find more information under our Teacher Resources.
    • Students can go to to access their ballot. They will be required to provide their Ballot Access Code in order to cast their vote.
    • You can repeat these steps if you need more codes or have additional classes.
  4. If you would prefer your students to vote using a paper ballot, select Offline Voting.
    • You will be provided with a link to download a PDF of the ballot to print and distribute to your students.
    • After tallying your students’ votes (by grade if you have multiple grades), login to the Teacher Portal. Select Offline Voting and click “Submit Results”.
    • Fill in the blanks with the totals from your students votes. You will need to submit each grade separately if you have multiple grades.
  5. The 2023 Mock Election results will be available shortly.