Welcome to the New Jersey Mock Election

Exercise Your Student Vote

Welcome to the New Jersey Mock Election web site. Here you will find instructions for participating in the national mock election, as well as suggested lessons and activities. We hope that you will find this site useful, and that every student in New Jersey will have a chance to participate.

One of the most important civic duties of a citizen is casting a thoughtful and informed vote. Elections are how "we the people" give our "consent" for our elected representatives to make decisions on our behalf. Voting is one of the rights as well as the responsibilities of citizenship. Women, African-Americans, and those aged 18 to 21 fought to make the vote available for all citizens over age 18. It is the goal of the New Jersey Mock Election to assist educators in the important task of educating students to be careful and effective stewards of these hard-won rights.

The New Jersey Social Studies Supervisors Association, the New Jersey Council for the Social Studies and the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, are offering New Jersey teachers engaging classroom lessons and resources, some of which will change with each election, some of which will be consistently available, to use with your students. These resources are offered to help classroom teachers provide ongoing instruction in civic literacy and to help prepare students in grades 4-12 vote in a Mock Student Election at the end of October each year. For 2015 there are only local elections, including members of the New Jersey State Assembly.

Interested school districts should identify a volunteer (step up to the plate supervisors!) to serve as the district mock election coordinator, who will collect the votes by grade and enter them at this site when the voting window opens on October 26, 2015. To register as a mock student election district coordinator, please send an email to "njme" at the domain "njmockelection.org". Please include the name of the school district, the school district's mock election coordinator, and your New Jersey legislative district number. Legislative district numbers can be found at New Jersey Legislative Districts.

All voting must be done between October 26th and 30th. We will collect and collate the results and post them on this website each year.

The activities and discussions in the classroom are what really matter. These instructional activities are how our young people learn and practice the skills to be informed, engaged citizens in a democratic society.